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exhibited 'tri-PETALS'

Following last year's ANDON lighting, exhibit for this year was also a lighting. 'tri-PETALS' is a post version of 'tri-MANTIS' which was exhibited prior at 'JARDIN' New York. A floor lamp with rechargeable battery consisting of 3 flexible flower petal like LED light source. Due to its distinctive design, was quite popular among the exhibits. Similar with 'tri-MANTS' the 'tri-PETALS' also is also stable by having 3 anthropomodal legs, body, and head, but this time head became 3 individual free moving petals.

New York 'JARDIN'
exhibited 'tri-MANTIS'

'JARDIN' Japan Art and Design International in New York, an art exhibition run by Qualiart held at Ashok Jain Gallery in New York. Exhibited 'tri-MANTIS' a rechargeable floor lamp with three anthropomodal legs with body and head all connected by flexible ball joints which allows to beam everywhere without outlet. Unique, 'tri-MANTIS' was quite attractive among the exhibits. Would like to thank Mr. Jason E. Kaufman a New York based art critic who also was interested in 'tri-MANTIS'. (picture: courtesy of Qualiart)

taken up on 'Style & Design'

'3-Legged Low Table' exhibited at Professional Section of 'TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2016' was taken up by 'THE JAPAN TIMES'. The Design of this table is part of 'Anthropomodic' series which include various crafts and furniture i.e. lightings, shoehorn,... "The table’s legs extend up and out from the edge of the tabletop into sharp corners that then taper down to the looks like an abstract insect..." Link to an article Please scroll to the last article on the page.

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